Features of Car Navigation System

Features of Car Navigation System

The range of GPS systems in use is growing at a brisk price. The bulkier devices of the day before today at the moment are streamlined and greater unique and provide capabilities ranging from primary navigation to traffic alerts. Here are some guidelines on the way you select the features of your automobile navigation system. Here are a few necessities GPS primarily based Vehicle Tracking Systems capabilities to do not forget with the intention to help you to choose the proper product that fits your desires and budget.

Real-Time Tracking

Most GPS Tracking gadgets are enabled with real-time monitoring. Location of the motors is tracked on the map because it moves from factor to point. The GPS location of your automobile is displayed on a map along with automobile velocity if the vehicle is shifting. The modern kingdom of the car like shifting, parked seeing that or idle is shown using map markers. Multiple automobiles can be grouped and controlled simultaneously the use of simple to use interface.


Using vehicle tracking device functions like over dashing alert, beginning of day alert, route deviation alert, and excessive stoppage alert, you can still examine driving force conduct and optimize fuel usage and optimizing team of workers. Depending on your need there are numerous indicators that can be configured: Idling Alert, Stoppage Alert, Tampering Alert, Over-speeding Alert and so on. For consumers searching out vehicle monitoring device for non-public use capabilities like maintenance indicators and fuel, pilferage alerts show to be beneficial.

Anytime Anywhere Access.

In today’s related international wherein any and every data is available at your fingertips, it’s far vital invest in an automobile monitoring machine this is handy on the net and on a smart cellphone. This is especially beneficial whilst the automobile monitoring tool is used by discerning parents to tune college bus or chauffeur driven automobiles carrying youngsters. The easy every time, everywhere access to consumer pleasant app maintains you abreast along with your motors motion in actual time irrespective of where you are.


Geo-fencing takes alert customization to the subsequent level. You can create geographical limitations called Geofences on the map around a landmark. An alert is despatched out every time the automobile enters or exits the Geofence. This opens up colossal possibilities in one-of-a-kind ways of the use of the monitoring statistics which can translate into increased operational efficiency, staff optimization and extended safety and safety degrees for the user.

Historical Reports and Dashboard precis.

For maximum organizations in which medium to large fleet s concerned, get admission to area and event reviews present excessive ROI. Fleet managers can track and examine records on their vehicles as much as 90 days inside the past and make informed choices that might undoubtedly affect their business. GPS Tracking Solutions that include enterprise dashboard has a complete set of graphical reports. This gives you an ordinary view of the metrics that be counted for your commercial enterprise performance. There are reports for total distance traveled, idling time, over dashing, stoppages and usage. You can see the metrics for exceptional agencies of vehicles and for different time durations.

Access Control and User Management.

For business proprietors, user control and get right of entry to manage is a vital car monitoring machine function. You should be capable of add and alter the person profile, and additionally control their get admission to privileges via roles. You have to be able to assign one or extra predefined roles to a consumer and carry out grouping in which a hard and fast of customers are placed in a group. With this, you can perform automobile tracking for a set of vehicles and also view the record facts for a collection as an entire.


Some GPS Tracking Devices have revolutionary enterprise solution designed to harness the power of location-based offerings and integrating it with cloud computing to make actionable fleet statistics available on the operator’s fingertips to make the certain predictive overall performance of the fleet.

Easy Installation

When looking for a GPS primarily based car monitoring device that fits your want, ease of set up and preservation is an essential attention. One should search for a compact tool that may be hooked up discreetly (under the dashboard). Devices that guide OBD connectors are a better choice for a ‘plug and play’ solution. Compatibility with different fashions of the auto is likewise a component to keep in mind while making an informed desire.


Before buying car GPS system, make sure you have checked these features. Always invest your money on the best car GPS system.

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